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How can you become a more focused and mindful language learner?

What are the best language learning tools and resources to use?

Busy? Learn how less study time can actually be more productive in language learning…

Welcome to Language Learners Journal! An award-winning blog for those interested in learning languages, journaling, and self-development. Where we can share our experiences, successes, struggles, and goals. Language learners supporting other language learners with guest support from some professional linguists, language teachers, polyglots, and educational psychologists too!

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The goal of Language Learners Journal is to help students, independent learners, and even teachers become more motivated and focused, by applying a mindful approach to learning languages. This means learning one thing at a time without judgment, increasing focus and attention. 

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The Self-Development Hub

Our supportive free community group for busy language learners will inspire you to not just set goals, but action them too. We hold you publicly accountable to achieving your language goals and getting real results in a more mindful, focused and less judgemental way. 

Online Mindful Language Learning Course

This short introductory course teaches you how to be a more focused, less- judgemental  language learner. This leads to greater productivity within your study sessions. If you are serious about meeting your goals via some simple mindfulness practices then this beginners course is just for you!